Other Projects

High School Voter Education Weeks

Our team spearheaded California High School Voter Education Weeks at the largest charter school in the nation, Granada Hills Charter (GHC). In collaboration with Chloe Zitsow, the president of the Students Organizing Civic Engagement (SOCE) Club at GHC, we encouraged voter pre-registration and registration. During September 14–25, 2020, we actively provided resources, stressed the importance of youth voter turnout, and highlighted the security of mailing ballots. The team digitally distributed infographics and flyers whilst running a social media campaign. Our purpose was to not only to inform our peers about voting, but to truly convince them of the importance of their vote and their power to impact issues they cared about.

Helping Hand for Teens Art Contest

Helping Hand for Teens is a student group that tackles public stigmas against mental health issues. They offer resources, advice, and a safe space for young people through their website, social media pages, and online activities. The official Helping Hand for Teens Art Contest provided an opportunity for teens to submit a visual arts piece that expressed a mental health issue or challenge. The Civics Delivered team took the initiative to participate in this art contest. Mental health is one of our five core themes, and we recognize the importance of spreading awareness about teen mental health. Here are our submitted works: 

Katie Ryu – PRETTY IN

This collage encapsulates various mental health issues. It deals with themes of self-worth and feeling out of place because of your looks, anxiety to fit in and be part of the trend, as well as low self-esteem due to high societal expectations and beauty standards. It also highlights the role social media can play in exacerbating those feelings of inadequacy, which is especially relevant to young people and their mental health today.

Rachel Lee – The Skeletons in My Closet

This artwork metaphorically illustrates how mental health issues, such as anxiety or lack of self-confidence, can lurk behind the surface of an individual. It aims to remind us that everyone has different “skeletons” in their own respective “closets,” despite our outward appearances. These skeletons sometimes threaten to overrun our daily lives.

Luca Lin – The Fix

This art piece is inspired by addiction, covering common forms of addiction. Very often when we are in a place that is not exactly our best, we turn to different vices to make ourselves feel better. I myself have found myself turning to some of these vices at times, and once hooked in, it can be quite hard to break out of it. I think that the way to properly address addiction is through speaking about it without the stigma associated with it, and then supporting those who suffer from it.

Charity Miles – DoSomething

The Civics Delivered team is taking on a month-long challenge during March 2021 to get active and raise money for charity while doing so! Using the Charity Miles app, we are turning the miles we run, walk, or bike into money donated. We have chosen to donate all of the money we raise to DoSomething, a non-profit organization that aims to mobilize young people. They encourage youth engagement via their volunteer, social change, or civic action campaigns. We’re deeply inspired by the campaigns and the millions of DoSomething members across the nation enacting change.

Check out their website and campaigns: https://join.dosomething.org/ 

Turn your miles into donations with us: https://charitymiles.org/ 

By the end of the month, we walked a total of approximately 139.27 miles as a team! Below are screenshots of our individual miles.