Meet the Team

Katie Ryu – Operations Director

Katie is a high school senior hailing from Los Angeles, California. Currently the Editor-in-Chief of her school newspaper, she is an aspiring journalist with a penchant for sharing stories. She feels as though journalism is fundamentally about the pursuit of truth and the sharing of that truth with the public—and there’s nothing she believes in more than that. Katie is also a literature enthusiast, high school speech competitor, and proud immigrant. She is eager to use Civics Delivered to uplift and guide young people in her community.

Luca Lin – Finance Director

Luca is a current senior at Granada Hills Charter High School. He has served in a wide variety of volunteer groups over the years. He is also an award-winning pianist aiming to pass the Certificate of Merit exam by the end of the year. Luca has an appreciation for the arts and often spends his free time consuming film and fashion documentaries. He also spends a lot of time outdoors and is trying to become more environmentally conscious, beginning with exclusively buying clothes secondhand. Luca hopes to use Civics Delivered as a means to empower and educate. 

Rachel Lee – Communications Director

Rachel is currently a senior at Granada Hills Charter High School. She serves on the Executive Board of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council and is the head chair of its Youth Committee. As a varsity member of her school’s debate team, Rachel enjoys public speaking and using her voice to speak up on issues she feels strongly about. Her hobbies include creating handmade jewelry pieces and practicing yoga. She believes in the importance of providing youth with the opportunity to become civically engaged in order to make a difference in their respective communities.