2021 Summit Highlights

Keynote Speakers

Joshua Pereira – Climate Change


Helping Hand For Teens – Mental Health

Angela Zhang – Free Speech

Diego Borgsdorf – Immigration

Dave Beauvais – Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council


“I learned a lot about advocacy and different projects. This summit was really insightful and widened my perspective on many different social and environmental issues that are so important to bring awareness to.”

Lesley k.

“Attending this summit emboldened me to seek making an impact in my community and in the lives of others. After listening to the amazing presentations, I took notice of the many ways we as citizens can help our communities. The presenters’ passion and dedication to making a specific difference is something I’d like to emulate and strive to find.”

emily g.

“As a speaker and a listening participant, I felt so inspired by other groups and individuals for speaking about topics they felt so passionately about as well as being reminded that anyone can be make a difference through activism and awareness.”

Sofia p.

“I learned how to be more civically engaged in my own community, as well as the ways people were working to fight these issues through art, holding workshops, or using their voice.”

Adrik z.

“I feel more educated on ways I can be civically engaged in our community. I think a lot of the themes discussed today are issues we are aware of but I never knew how to be involved with combating the problem. The summit was very informative and it was great to hear from members of our community.”

Tiffany p.